Driven by experience and the needs of our customers, just like our machinery we never stop.

In half a century we have developed exclusive patents, functions and technology capable of increasing productivity and reducing fatigue, lessening the environmental impact and obtaining an increasingly high quality crop.

We are committed to continuing our pursuit of ever more innovative solutions so that our fruit harvesting and processing machinery and equipment continues to be the ideal partner for your work.


A vast, diverse range

Monchiero self-propelled harvesters offer a complete range of fully-accessorizable models which are able to cater for any harvesting needs, from small plots to intensive harvesting in large-scale orchards.


Exceptionally high yields

Stones, leaves, and uneven and damp terrain fail to stop or slow down our machines, which harvest, clean and store the fruit with very high yields because each component has been designed to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Fast, precise harvesting

Efficient even in unfavourable climatic conditions and on damp terrain, they harvest the highest amount of fruit in the shortest possible time, reducing manpower costs, fuel consumption and emissions, and servicing and the replacement of parts subject to wear during the season.

Agility and manoeuvrability on any terrain

The four-wheel drive with large-section tyres, Twin Lock system and hydraulic rear steering ensure excellent traction on any terrain.
The low centre of gravity, balanced weight distribution, and oversized hydrostatic transmission make working on gradients easy too.
And the compact design facilitates handling in limited spaces and makes it easy to work in very low plantations.

More comfort, less effort

From the comfort of an adjustable, cushioned, lowered driving seat it is easy and safe for the operator to handle the machine using the joystick.