Small equipment, great quality

In addition to the self-propelled harvesters, Monchiero offers a set of small equipment, including blowers, air and brush windrowers.


The ASP brush windrower is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to gather nuts into convenient rows to make harvesting quicker. Available in a 125 cm-wide version for walking tractors with reverse drive, and tractor versions with width range from 160 to 230 cm and 3-point fitting, with a reversible hydraulic motor and quick-coupling.

Hydraulic motor rpm control valve kit (tractor versions): optional



The ideal partner for tractors of at least 60 hp, this machine offers top performance in windrowing operations on uneven ground. It has a twin air outlet with a diameter of 120 mm, two 7.5 m pipes, and two rigid terminals with a reduction for blowing.

• Min. tractor power 60 HP
. Fitting. 3-point
. Air outlet Ø 120 mm
. Blow pipes 2 x 7.5 m
. Terminals rigid, with reduction for blowing