The best fruit gives yields more

The Best Quality Fruit System is the result of years of experience in orchards throughout the world, thanks to which we have been able to develop machines with exclusive features that guarantee top performance.

It means that fruit can be harvested at just the right moment of ripeness, as soon as it falls naturally to the ground, when its tasting qualities – and as a result its market value – are at their peak.


First to the finishing line!

Thanks to their excellent traction, our machines are fast and unstoppable in adverse weather conditions too, as well as on uneven, steep or damp terrain.
With just one fast pass, our machines reach an unrivalled harvesting capacity, picking virtually 100% of the fruit on the ground.


Our machines harvest, clean, store, unload and then go on harvesting without interruption, guaranteeing hour upon hour of continuous, problem- and maintenance-free operation.
With less fruit on the ground each time you pass, you can tackle the job using machines with a smaller built-in container, and no need for a trailer.

Just one machine, just one operator

Just one machine is required, and as a result just one engine with particularly low fuel consumption (typically 10-12 l/h on the flat): less fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs.
Just one comfortably-seated operator can handle all the work with no difficulty, meaning reduced manpower costs.