Fruit picking from the ground

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Forestry Electrical Winch

The Monchiero EW has been specifically engineered to offer operators substantial support in terms of effectiveness and elevated output, even in the most challenging and steep work grounds.

Conquer the toughest terrains

The Biggest Challenges Require Innovative Solutions

We have been designing them for more than 50 years

Monchiero machines

Fast and accurate collection

Speed and precision is what distinguishes Monchiero machines. They are the ideal partners in adverse weather conditions, where finishing the harvest quickly is essential.
They have the ability to harvest the maximum quantity of fruit in minimum time, reducing labor costs, fuel consumption and emissions; limiting maintenance and the need for spare parts during the season.

More comfort, less fatigue

Adjustable, lowered and sprung driving position. Electro-hydraulic controls placed on the joystick and speed levers in an ergonomic position to easily select functions and working speeds.
The cabin protects the operator without limiting visibility.

Excellent traction

4-wheel drive with wide section tires, Twin-Lock system, and rear hydraulic steering with very narrow steering angle.

Lower center of gravity

Optimized weight distribution, oversizing of the hydrostatic transmission allow you to work easily even on slopes.

Low Height

To proceed easily even in very low plantations without damaging the branches or the machine.


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