AMS 40th anniversary Industry Conference

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Monchiero Australia returns to the major trade event that brings together all the operators in the industry

As already in the past, Monchiero will be taking part in the 40th Conference of the Macadamia Society to be held from 14 to 17 October in Lismore, Australia.

The Australian Macadamia Society (AMS) is the leading Australian macadamia industry body, with more than 600 members representing 90% of the production of macadamias in Australia.

This will be a significant anniversary, so attendance at the conference will be particularly high, with participants attracted as always by an interesting programme of talks on the critical issues and themes facing the sector: investment, productivity, innovation, and product and market development.

As sponsors of the event, Monchiero Australia will be featuring at the “Machinery Field Day” on 14 October, when growers will be able to speak to their engineers and see in action the ideas, products and machines that will help improve their productivity.


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