Monchiero Remote System

The MRS (Monchiero Remote System) allow to share data and parameters of the machine and the harvest itself, with other devices (smartphone, tablet, computers). The MRS collects informations about the machines (temperatures, speed levels, location of the machine, etc.); and about its work (amount of harvested fruit, hours of work, etc.).
Checking and analyzing the shared information, it’s possible to manage the harvesters fleets, planning the work and control the situation in real time.

Precise Analysis for a Better Production

Knowing geo-localized and precise data, the farmer can find the areas with the best productivity.
In this way the management has the possibility to plan irrigation, manuring, plantation, in order to achieve the best results form the orchards.

Solve the Problems in Real Time

Checking the machine’s work in real time can guarantee a prompt action on maintenance, since is the machine itself that share in real time its needs (using sms and e-mail). The possibility to solve problems or malfunctions in a faster way can enhance the harvester life cycle, with more time of use and increasing productivity.

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