The perfect combo with optimized dimensions

The electro-hydraulic telescopic arm makes it possible to reach the highest branches; the high strength of the vibrating steel head, is suitable for all sizes of trees.

The 30140 can be equipped with the Monchiero Shaking Head.


  • 4 wheels drive synchronized with double hydrostatic pump at 420 bar.
  • Radiator with air flow proportional to the need.
  • Engine water temperature control.
  • Hydraulic oil temperature control.
  • Less fuel consumption and more power available.

John Deere Engine | Tier III (or Tier IV engine)

Engine power: 135 HP (100 KW) | 4.5 l

Swiveling Head

The 30140 can be equipped with a swiveling head with three 800 mm diameter cutting discs mounted on a hydraulic arm.

The 30140 can also become a powerful ally in your pruning challenges, thanks to its versality and ease in movements.

The hydraulic arm can work on many different heights and inclinations in order to reach any branch that’s need to be cut.


PTO with speed control by display.

Hydraulic sockets

3 pairs of additional hydraulic sockets controlled by the joystick.


Costs per tonne of fruit collected decrease.


4 Large wheels 425 mm wide at low pressure (0.8 Bar)

  • 4 wheels drive synchronized with double hydrostatic pump at 420 bar.
  • 4 wheels steering.
  • 4 wheels braking.
  • Automatic braking.
  • Lowest ground pressure on the market.


With the rear PTO, the 30140 becomes a multipurpose machine and can be used together with other equipment (mowers, sprayers, etc.).

The performance you need while saving fuel.

The 30140 is equipped with a John Deere 4.5 l 135 CV Tier III (or Tier IV engine)

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