New 2050: the biggest of the small self-propelled harvester

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The new hazelnut harvester will be presented on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April 2011

The new 2050 Self-propelled Hazelnut Harvester is not only the latest, but also the smallest and most compact of Monchiero’s machines.

Agile, economic and productive, the new 2050 is in fact big in every sense except for size.

Efficient and effective, it harvests and cleans hazelnuts, walnuts, chestnuts, almonds and olives fast and well, even in extremely damp conditions.

And that’s not all: it shares the wealth of experience and advanced technology of the rest of the “family” of Monchiero harvesters, and interprets them with strong personality. For example, it features a brand-new, exclusive system for cleaning the nuts, and is not slowed down by even the most difficult terrain.

Monchiero have set aside two days – April 9 and 10 at its headquarters in Strada Crociera Burdina 40, Pollenzo – to present all the benefits it can offer.

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