A New Generation Cabin

Air filter sytem in Cat IV
Automated Controls
Reduced Vibrations

A New Generation Cabin

Air filter sytem in Cat IV
Automated Controls
Reduced Vibrations

Specifically Designed for Harvesting Fruit

The first cabin with category IV air filter, in the dried fruit harvesting field.
A further evolution of our cockpits design, now arrived at the third generation.
Glazed Area

Joystick & Controls

Everything at hand with controls and joystick gathered on the armrest.

Air Conditioning

Air recirculation with automatic control of temperature

Visual Field

Functional Design

Rounded profile and curved glasses, to make easier passing through the lower branches.

SilentBlock Suspensions

SilentBlock suspensions to reduce to the lowest level all vibrations, throughout the harvest.

Safety First

The Nexus Cab solves a real issue in the fruit harvesting sector:
the presence of huge amount of dust and sand, that could have chemicals residues within; and could be breathed by the operator.

To ensure the safety of the operator, the cab features a certified (cat IV) air filter system with pressurization and dedicated sensors.
The control is totally automatic, with no need of interventions from the operator (just for the filter maintenance, reported by the system itself).

Front and Back

The additional monitor own one to three sockets for video cameras: on the back side of the hopper, on the main belt e near the side fan. The cameras allow a panoramic view around the machine in order to avoid accidents.

Check the Harvest

The “open-air” main belt allow the operators to have a better view on the harvested fruit, making easier to check how the work is going.

Ergonomics Controls

Maximum ergonomics thanks to the new armrest with integrated buttons, radio system with USB port and 4 speakers (optional).
The operator can manage and control all the machine functions from a 10” colour display in the cabin.


Do the Work Night and Day

The harvest time-frame it’s often really short and workdays could become longer until the night.
For a maximum illumination on sides and in front of; all the Monchiero harvesters that features the Nexus Cab; are equipped with LED lights. This can extend the work day for any need.

Check the Harvest in Real Time

Work, check, manage and share the data of your fruit harvest.