20125 Ferox

Powerful, Unstoppable, Extremely Agile, Ferociously Productive!

Totally renewed 20125 model, is called 20125 Ferox because it is even more functional and fiercely productive than ever, confirming itself as the ideal partner for harvesting in large orchards.

Specific Features

  • More reliability thanks to the new hydraulic system.
  • The radiator doubles the power but reduces fuel consumption.
  • More Power and efficiency with the YANMAR FINAL TIER 4 engine.
  • Enlarged fuel tank.
  • Access to the battery easier and more convenient.

Yanmar Final Tier4 Engine

• More silenced
• Fuel saving and low consumption of urea: only 2%.

Motore John Deere Tier 3 disponibile nei mercati che lo permettono 

The Best Harvest

  • Larger hopper 
  • Increased visibility thanks to Nexus Cabin.
  • Ground brushes best technology: No fruit is left on the ground
  • Vibrating Screen for fruit cleaning

Like the others Monchiero’s medium-large harvesters the cabin features automated controls and user-friendly commands. It can be moved sideways, is soundproofed and mounted on shock absorbers.

Functional Design

The optimized lower frame reduces the accumulation
of impurities that could stop under the machine;
front axle even more compact.


Pre-Cleaning Your Fruit Harvest

The main belt does an incredibile part of the work, pre-cleaning the harvested fruit.

Steering System

The triple hydraulic steering system improves control at high transfer speeds, ensures maximum maneuverability on any type of terrain and facilitates transverse progress on steep slopes:

More Powerful Side Fan

Side fan, with increased power of 24%, for efficiently blowing out the fruit between the trees.

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