We Have Created a Brand New Harvester:
XXXL size.

The new 20240 ensures a harvest capacity never seen before and an amazing reliability thanks to a 6 cylinders John Deere motor.

The cabin “Nexus” ensures an extreme comfort level and automated controls for the best fruit harvesting experience.

Specific Features

  • Gigantic harvest capacity
  • Reliable and with low consumption
  • 6 Cylinders John Deere Engine
  • Super wide tires
  • Lateral fan with extra power
  • 199 cm – Perfect height

John Deere Engine

  • The same power already at 1800 rpm.
  • Great reliability on the largest areas.


Volume: 6.5 m3.
Available also in  4.5 m3 version 

Side fan with extra power

Normally one of the factors that limit the forward speed is the capacity of the side fan.
There are no limitations with the new larger fan with dedicated piston pump.

Super wide tires: 

710 mm width.

199 cm – Perfect height

No problems harvesting under the lower canopy trees.


No More Limits

With the bigger pick-up on the market

The 20240 is the best choice for large areas and the bigger orchards.

Cabin with increased visibility, soundproofed and mounted on shock absorbers.

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