The ideal partner in small to medium plantations

The 2075 harvester, with just 154 cm in height, and the possibility to add a third brush, reaches a working width of 300 cm, which makes it ideal for orchards with extra low branches.

Specific Features

  • Rear fan located at the belt outlet, hydraulically speed-adjustable, separating the fruit from leaves, grass and twigs. 

  • Twin counter rotating and floating pick-up for productive harvesting
    even in the presence of grass and leaves.

  • Pivoting wheels for easy following the uneven lay of the soil on gradients.

  • Double function bar belt conveying material to the rear of the harvester, and performing an initial clearing of small debris from the fruit.

  • Tilt-adjustable steering column, with full instrumentation for all the machine’s functions.

  • Joystick with simplified harvesting function that starts the procedure just pressing a button, or the ”End of Line function”, which makes the pick up lower automatically, switch to floating mode and rise when the line
    is finished.

Yanmar Green Engine – Final Tier IV

• With super silenced exhaust box under the cover,
• Triple air filter.
• The engine lowers to the minimum when pressing the handbrake.


Holding of 1 m3, and discharge of the fruit at 280 cm.
All the controls are electro-hydraulic.
Optional: Hopper filling sensor.

Openable pick-up     

With double rotor facilitating servicing and cleaning operations.

2075 equalizzatore

Vibrating sieve

Positioned immediately after the fan, facilitating the flow of the material.

2075 vaglio vibrante


Positioned at the sieve outlet, making the fall of the fruit into the hopper easier and more uniform (optional).


Additional Fan

Mounted over the conveyor belt, increase the quality of fruit’s cleanliness by aspirate leaves and lighter particles and sending
them back on the ground (optional).


Lateral fan

Speed-adjustable, with electro-hydraulic control for blowing out the fruit between the trees.
It is lower than before to avoid damages on the trees’ branches. The new hydraulic motor has
higher performances with less pressure needs that means saving fuel consumption.

Driver’s seat

Lowered, cushioned and adjustable driving position providing excellent visibility and safety for the operator protection.
Safety half cabin.

Optional: brushes with steel disc and rubber blades as
option; third brush as option.

Cabin with glazings (Optional)

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