The VL08 shaker is equipped with a high frequency vibrating head mounted on a telescopic arm; an automatic vibrating sequence; independent hydraulic system; management of functions by joystick, optional front brushes to avoid trampling of fruits.


  • Work with automatic sequence operations
  • Balance and versatility
  • Dedicated technology
  • An additional cast iron pump is dedicated to the services
  • A telescopic arm that makes your work easier

A shaking head that stand out

The head can move to adapt to bended tree, to avoid working on the angle of the pads, that can damage the trees. The operator doesn’t have to do that manually for every tree, because the VL08 is doing that automatically. The power level of the shaking head can be adjusted directly by the driver, on the armrest mounted display.

The head maximum opening is 60 cm, to accomodate even big trees, there’s no need to change shaker once the trees are growing.

This also give more freedom to the operator in the moment of catching trees, and speeds up operations.

Rubber Pads

The rubber pads have a squared shape: this allows the transmission of the vibration forces at the tree to a much wider area.

The Arm

An additional cast iron pump is dedicated to the services.

Telescopic Arm

The telescopic arm can work under low canopies trees without hitting them with the tractors.


Work with Automatic Sequence

To help the driver, the VL08 can operate using automatic sequence commands, just at the touch of a single button, enhancing productivity.

Balance and Versatility

The weight is mainly concentrated in the left side of the shaker. This is helping balancing the weight of the head that is on the right side, allowing the use of smaller tractors.

Dedicated Technology

The powerful hydraulic system starts with a huge gear transmission, then a heavy duty hydrostatic pump to shake even the biggest trees.

The arm can work from high positions to a very low position (even under the soil level), to give the possibility to adapt to any tree shapes.

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